From Short Whist to Contract Bridge

History of Contract Bridge and its predecessors

 1426 - 1775                   1775 - 1885                   1886 – (today)

                           From Whist to Boston       Fusion Games                   Bridge

                                                   Ruff and Honours                          Cayenne Whist                     Biritch, or Russian Whist                        

                                                            Whist                                     Russian Whist                             Auction Bridge (1)

                                                           Hombre                                  Vist-Preferans                              Auction Bridge (2)

                                                          Quadrille                                    Sturmwhist                             Royal Auction Bridge

                                                            Boston                                       Yeralash                                          Plafond

                                                 Boston Lorient Nantes                                                                          Contract Bridge

                                          Boston Réformé/Fontainebleau